Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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Common Culprits


  • Wipe all spills up quickly.
  • Use neutral pH cleaner solution.
  • White, soft bristle brush can be used on heavy deposits.
  • User blue or white scrub pad, if needed.

Asphalt, Grease, Oil, Paint, Tar, Wax

  • Carefully remove deposits with dull plastic putty knife.
  • Flooring stripper solution to clean residue from surface.
  • Dried deposits may require a small amount of mineral spirits applied with a clean, white cloth. DO NOT pour mineral spirits directly on the surface of the vinyl.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean, wet cloths and neutral pH cleaner.
  • Blue or white scrub pads can be used on residue.


Scuffs, Marks, Scratches

  • Clean floor with stripper solution and use blue or white scrub pad if needed.
  • After stripping use a neutral pH cleaner to clean the floor and remove any residue.
  • If floor is scratched use of an after market finish may lessen the effect of the scratches. Use only finishes that are compatible with urethane coatings.



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