Grout Calculator


When determining how much grout is needed for a certain job, you must consider the tile dimensions and the width of the grout joints. The Grout Calculator provides you a way to determine your total STAINMASTER grout needs. Simply input the TILE LENGTH, WIDTH, DEPTH, JOINT WIDTH, and TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE of the project. If you need help with the TOTAL SQUARE FOOTAGE, try our Flooring Calculator.

Also, STAINMASTER Specialty Grout, with the exception of Crystal Glass, can be used as an adhesive. One 11lb. bucket using a 1/8th inch trowel will cover approximately 50 square feet.

Please select the type of STAINMASTER Grout:
Tile WIDTH (in)
Tile LENGTH (in)
Tile DEPTH (in)
Joint WIDTH (in)
Total grouted area (sqft)
Grout Calculator

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