Discover floor-cleaning solutions for real-life messes. Our floor cleaners for carpet, hardwood, and multi-surface floors feature breakthrough technology. They quickly remove tough stains and pet accidents, protect against grime buildup, and repel dirt. When accidents happen, erase the evidence with powerful stain-fighting capability.

Less Mess. More Clean.

Carpet Cleaners

STAINMASTER® carpet cleaners lift and remove tough stains and grime without leaving a sticky residue. Our efficient, powerful solutions provide an invisible shield that repels dirt and protects against resoiling to keep your carpet looking newer longer. Discover advanced cleaning formulas to handle any mess.

Key features:

Repel dirt, protect, and save.

Fighting Common Stain Enemies

If red wine or coffee spills on your carpet and there’s no stain to prove it, did it really happen? Easily erase the evidence.

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Pets are family. Our home is their kingdom. We go to great lengths to make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable; when they’re happy, we’re happy. But along the way, accidents happen. When they do, you can be ready with specialized carpet cleaners designed specifically for pet parents.

STAINMASTER® Pet Stain Remover

Remove stubborn pet stains, eliminate pet odors, and leave behind an invisible shield to repel dirt.

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Hard Surface Floor Cleaners

Eliminate dirt and grime to reveal the beauty of your surfaces. Explore our lineup of state-of-the-art cleaning products, great for hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, and sealed stone floors.

Our Cleaners:

Hard surface, easy solution.

Reveal the shine, protect, and save.

Flex Your Cleaning Skills

The STAINMASTER™ Floor Cleaning Kit includes the Microfiber Mop with a flexible pole that’s perfect for cleaning under furniture.

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