STAINMASTER® LiveWell® Carpet: Get Help Fighting Dust and Allergens

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We know the lengths you’ll go to provide a clean and comfortable home. Now here’s a solution that works beautifully: STAINMASTER® LiveWell™ carpet. It’s the first carpet and cushion system designed to reduce dust and allergen-particle buildup without adding steps to your cleaning routine.


Vacuuming that’s more effective

STAINMASTER® LiveWell® carpet is made with kid and pet-safe AllerShield™ technology, which helps reduce the bonding of allergy-aggravating particles to the carpet fibers. When allergen particles release easily from the carpet fibers, more allergens end up in your vacuum cleaner instead of building up in your carpet. Now every pass of your vacuum can be 90% more effective* in reducing allergen particles.

Key features:

  • Designed to reduce dust and allergy-aggravating particles*
  • Helps reduce allergen particles in half the vacuuming time*
  • Resists food and beverage stains and soil accumulation

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4 Reasons to Choose STAINMASTER® LiveWell® Carpet

Fight back against allergy-aggravating particles in your home with STAINMASTER® LiveWell® carpet.

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Mold and mildew protection. Like all of our carpets, LiveWell® is soil and stain resistant, durable, and soft. As an added benefit, you can combine your carpet with STAINMASTER® carpet cushion. STAINMASTER® carpet cushion contains a breathable moisture barrier that allows moisture vapors to pass through the cushion and evaporate, helping to protect the cushion from hidden mold and mildew. By choosing STAINMASTER® LiveWell® carpet with AllerShield™ technology, you can be one step closer to a cleaner, more comfortable home.



STAINMASTER® LiveWell® Carpet and Cushion System

Welcome to the first carpet system designed to help you fight dust and allergens.

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What is AllerShield™?

AllerShield™ technology is a patent-pending formula designed to minimize buildup of dust and allergen particles with regular vacuuming. AllerShield™ coats the carpet fibers to help reduce the bonding of allergen particles to the carpet fibers. It’s up to two times more effective* at releasing allergen particles with regular vacuuming. It can also save you time by easily releasing allergen particles with fewer vacuuming passes.*



Ready for a closer look? STAINMASTER® LiveWell® carpet is available at retail locations across the U.S.

5 Ways to Reduce Indoor Allergens

Reduce allergy-aggravating particles from the floor up with these helpful tips.

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* Measured with home vacuuming compared to STAINMASTER® carpet without AllerShield™ technology

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