Carpet Warranty

Carpet Warranty

Just think of the STAINMASTER® Lifetime Limited Warranty as peace of mind on top of the peace of mind you already get from our carpet.

A professional steam cleaning/hot water extraction at least once every 18 months from the date of purchase is required to maintain your warranty.

All our carpets feature lifetime* limited warranty protection against

  • All food and beverage stains
  • Pet urine stains
  • Soiling
  • Static shock

Our carpets also carries limited warranties** covering

  • Abrasive wear caused by fiber loss
  • Texture loss due to carpet tufts losing their twist

To ensure you are referring to the right warranty information, confirm with your retailer which STAINMASTER® warranty applies to your purchase at that location.

*INVISTA defines lifetime carpet coverage as the life of the carpet, which begins on the date of purchase. Proration may apply to some lifetime limited warranties. For complete details, see Limited Warranty brochure; available at retail locations or by calling 1-800-438-7668.
**Limited lifetime warranties vary by retailer.