Carpet Maintenance

Carpet Maintenance


  • Vacuum at least weekly to remove dry soil particles that can dull fibers and cause matting.
  • Combat crushing by placing glides under heavy furniture.
  • Rotate furniture to give carpet a rest.
  • Close blinds or shades to avoid long hours of direct sunlight.

Every 18 months

  • A professional steam cleaning/hot water extraction at least once every 18 months is required to maintain your warranty.

When accidents happen

  • Clean spills promptly.
  • If you cannot clean immediately, you can remove most stains after 24 hours.
  • Visit our stain removal page for helpful tips on how to remove tough stains.
  • Or flush the stain using mild dishwashing detergent and water. Blot excess moisture with a clean white cloth, moving from outer edge of stain toward the middle.