why carpet?


Carpet is the equivalent of the “little black dress.” It goes with just about any décor and comes in countless styles and textures. Whether you’re going for an elegant, sophisticated look or comfy and casual, carpet is up to the task.


Nothing feels quite as good as sinking your feet into a plush, luxurious carpet at the end of the day. Perfect for playing board games, gathering around the fireplace or just keeping your toes warm, carpet is the epitome of comfort.

Ease of maintenance

Keeping your carpet looking fabulous is actually quite simple. With frequent vacuuming, prompt clean up of spills and professional cleaning at least every 12 months, carpet looks good for years. (No fancy moisturizers necessary).

Health benefits

It used to be thought that carpet would aggravate symptoms of allergies or asthma but it’s quite the contrary. Dust particles that fall to the floor are trapped by carpet fibers instead of continuing to circulate in the air. A quick vacuum session will rid them for good. For more information, visit http://www.carpet-rug.org/residential-customers/index.cfm.


High-performing, durable carpet looks newer longer, which means you can go a very long time before replacing it. Your initial investment pays off quite well over the long haul.