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Claire, mother of three

She's a work-from-home mom of three. Three very athletic, very tall, very enthusiastic about basketball boys.

welcome to the frat house

Claire's carpet needs to be able to take some pretty intense wear and tear on a daily basis. She's looking for quick clean up and stain resistance, but it needs to be stylish, too. Her first impression of STAINMASTER® carpet? So many great choices.

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meet Claire and her family

Claire and her gang make the most of their family room. It’s where they eat, hang out, even play some basketball. They play hard, and their old carpet shows it. Now Claire is looking for a carpet that can bounce back. She also needs carpet for her home office. Her main concern? Something with a dense pile that allows her to easily move her office chair.

the solution

One look at STAINMASTER® carpet and Claire realizes this is going to be good. She has a wide array of color and pattern choices, and all of them can stand up to a demanding household. STAINMASTER® carpet is installed in the family room and office and the whole look and feel changes. As Claire puts it, “It’s still a fraternity house, but it’s a stylish one.”

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