the importance of padding

Often the unsung hero, the right padding can not only provide a lush, comfortable feel but also extend the life of your carpet and protect the floors underneath. Our STAINMASTER® carpet padding was designed to do just that.

exclusive breathable moisture barrier

With its exclusive breathable moisture barrier, STAINMASTER® carpet padding:

Moisture Barrier - cat
  • keeps most common household spills from penetrating the cushion or subfloor
  • makes clean-up easy because stains are stopped at the surface
  • allows damaging water vapors that are naturally emitted by some floors to pass through the padding and evaporate, helping to protect the padding from mold and mildew

impressive options

STAINMASTER® carpet padding:

Impressive Options - padding
  • is available with Odor Guard technology which helps to reduce odors caused by most common household spills and pet accidents
  • is also available with antimicrobial treatment which helps to resist bacteria, mold and mildew in the padding
  • comes in a variety of different materials and constructions to meet various performance criteria

improved performance

STAINMASTER® carpet padding:

Performance - carpet close-up
  • acts as a buffer between the carpet and the subfloor, allowing fibers to bounce back and retain their appearance
  • improves insulation and helps keep a room a desired temperature
  • absorbs sound and reduces noise

If you purchase and install STAINMASTER® carpet and STAINMASTER® carpet padding at the same time, we will extend your carpet limited warranties. We’re that confident in our carpet padding.