carpet installation

The decisions have been made and now it's time for the big unveiling. The key to a smooth installation experience is knowing what to expect. Read on and get the full story.


A few questions to ask before your carpet hits the floor:

Details - woman and ladder
  • Are the installers moving the furniture in the room or am I?
  • Who removes and disposes of the old carpet? Can it be recycled? Will I be charged extra or are these services included?
  • Where will the carpet seams be placed?

room preparation

Room Preparation - carpet roll
  • Vacuum the old carpet to avoid airborne dust or particles.
  • Make sure all other remodeling projects are complete including all painting, wallpapering and construction. Carpet should be the finishing touch.
  • Keep the roll of carpet at room temperature. If carpet is being installed in a new, unheated house during the winter, the carpet shouldn’t be delivered prior to installation and left in a cold environment.

during installation

During Installation - white carpet
  • Vacuum after the old carpet and padding are removed.
  • Inspect the carpet for proper color, texture and style as it’s unrolled.
  • Make sure the installers properly stretch the carpet to minimize wrinkles and ripples.
  • Arrange to have any doors that won’t open trimmed and rehung.
  • Vacuum again after installation and ventilate for 48 to 72 hours.
  • Enjoy your new carpet! Have a little get together and don’t worry about any spills.